Sunday, September 30, 2007

When preferances are dictated...

Bias on the Homosexuality.

It’s a mere subject of conversation you and me may take it to. However to those who live it, it’s their very Life and choices they make.

There have been numerous forums which discuss in detail of the choices people tend to live their life with. But it boils down to the basic aspect of psychology “my thoughts are not understood by you and yours not by me.”

This leaves a handful of questions scouting my childish brains.

What are preferences?
What are choices?
What is love?
What is right way of expressing ones love?
What is sexuality?
What are genders?

Since I didn’t find the answers as I am questioner by self, I reached out to the mass. They opined Man to Woman and Woman to Man was the Godly way of expressing the Love, otherwise it was satanic choice of disobeying the worldly norms, simply Ungodly.

But … UNGODLY is only said by one of the creations of God...yet another species in the societal run of survival.

He created us and we have every right to live to his creation.

All he imbibed in us was the feeling of Love and to express it in our own ways. We chose different ways of exploring and expressing it it the GODLY (so said by the society) way of expressing it to the opposite genders or be it to the same. All we are doing is expressing in our own ways. So in which angle does it justify that this is GODLY and this is so UNGODLY?

Let’s be more than the subject of societal dictums and start looking the very aspect of inspirational living… the world of simple LOVE.

We have the right to live our thoughts and let us not be dictated by the mere pressure of the outsiders.

If certain percentage of the mass has chosen a way of life where for them, it feels just right to be with the one of the same gender, then let’s respect them and their thoughts. Instead, what we, so called being part of the majority in the mass, do is moronic actions of confronting their very choices. How justifiable is that?

Depressingly, we heed to the voices of the so called society as we somewhere accept that expressing love differently is UNGODLY. Our broadminded thoughts are ignored when we face their choices upfront, turning into the genre of hypocrites.

Our cognitive psychology apprehends our very thoughts of the right choices. However, they have their right to make their choices as well. Choices which may seem absurd to us with so called the normal thinking, but for them it’s their very preferences which are being lived by their choices.

When preferences are straightened, be it with the societal belief of normalcy or be it with the individual acceptance to be so called different, they are still the preferences of a sane mind, a result of pondering on million thoughts and circumstances. Then why do we question when preference are dictated of our thoughts?

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Pranjal said...

Second you on that one! We can be such hypocrites na?!