Monday, January 22, 2007

Reasoning For .....

Hold on to your pace

For, I will be there to join you,

Hold on to the shared memories

For, I will be there to redeem it.

Look beyond the night

For, the darkness is momentary.

Look for a better tomorrow

For, this light will last a lifetime.

Sight my very visit

For, I will be there to hold you tight.

Sight for the times together

For, that will cling on to our very living.

Clasp the hands for the last time

For, they will be taken over from you.

Clasp my hands instead

For, they are trembling without your touch.

Feel your thirst for the longing hug

For, I will be there to feel your warmth.

Feel my heart with every beat that it beats

For, you will know how long it’s beating since without you.

I wanna

Oh there, come out of your shell cos,

I wanna see you, I wanna meet you.

Don’t be closed in your world cos,

I wanna know you, I wanna listen to you.

Walk into my life, from the side of your world cos,

I wanna touch you, I wanna give you,

Rest in my arms, easing your total self cos,

I wanna feel you, I wanna breathe you.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


What you see is not what you believe..
What you believe is not what you see..
Seeing and believing is something which is what I wanna see and believe!!!

Lonely .......

Walking down the path, came across a wood burning into ashes. What an Irony of seemed my life. Once bloomed with the pallet of colors never picturised. Now turns out to be that the life colored itself black and white.

Is that all ???

Some harsh memories , some disturbing truth and occasional dose of momentary pleasures.

Rainy Conversation

) - Rains, reminds me to live my life again, just to enjoy the serene beauty that every single drop radiates, reflections of my life just the same.

-()- Talk about being poetic. That held meaning in depth though. Making full use of solitude and climate it seems...

) - Glimpse of life itself is so beautiful , then imagine the essence of understanding the depth, discovering life within life...

-()- but the irony is that, depth seldom understood. The alternative is to enjoy and understand ( as to ones mind thats so unique) the small things that make up the large picture. Like say, a rain drop for example.. or the magic behind the smell of the fresh wet earth... or this or that !

)- Thoughts in sync. Thy seldom wisheth to understand as small things clouds the depth, leaving the mystic to be mysterious ,thus call enigma.

-()- Let all of us choose to return to innocence, at times to enjoy the magical combo of mystic and the mysterious. Like they say some questions are best left unanswered.

)- Its the quest for mystic, that maketh the difference in being me ! Quest, thy shadow , been ever since tooling me to open up to the enigma.

-()- In short you were born inquisitive.... :)


The rythm of life did pace up when the rains and the wind took their turns playing their charm. The aura created was enough to glitter any aspect that could imbibe a life within. My wishes reach greater heights when it comes to being part of the charming presence, but the fact is disturbing, especially to learn that the soul doesn't have a body to enjoy the graceful nativity.

There were days when the physical self zestfully went out to embrace the wind and the rains, enjoying the shear pleasure of being involved with the nature. Should I call it the best part of my life, not that I can term it definitely. But yes, there remains a painting of the emotions, that ran into me, even though my physical self is engraved in the demisal grounds.

I cried being not part of the entity that birthen from my mother. The entity which made me feel the very necessity of being physically alive. Matured enough, was I to understand the fact that the physical self is the first step of awakening to the reality. It need not be the only means for the search to find who you are, did I realize the truth, it needs more than the entity to achieve the unachievable.

Wanderer..... was .... am .... will be!

Matrix of Life

There I stand , embracing the purity that breezes all over from the unknown. Looking above reminds me of the surreal divinity, the charismatic truth of unveiling the mystery. The truth foreseen to be the end or the beginning, depending on the visionary surveillance of the human psychic.

Bending down, I catch the glimpse of the reality or so called the life going mechanical! Souls passing by to catch up with the defined way of living, getting so involved with the set matrix which seems so unwise to crack. Alas, if they could only foresee the pleasures of unwinding from the normal to the psychic nuances.

Its the zeal involved in rediscovering the defined, to define the living. It births the perpetual zenith of cracking the so called unwise to define the soul's quest.

Arrival of the significant change

The days are the same until I came across the one that made a difference. Strange to believe but surprisingly true, that I'v fallen into the trap which I was always running away from. Though it's a little difficult to convince myself to believe the same, but the fact remains evident that I am into it, especially when my whole aspect of looking at things did change.

Alas, should I call it the entrapment of thyself into the castles of the myriad blues... whatever...the feelings are definitely the ones which even the angels cannot distract away from.

Is it something that people who lived and loved for , through the centuries, that I am going through?? Remains a puzzle, hard to crack, as I am the nomad who finds it in people at any instance but not the one who falls for it. Though some part of me is trying hard to convince the fact of the present existence.

I always believed that the heart CAN always be cheated by the mind. But this time, it's surprisingly hard to believe when my mind failed to rule the heart. My instincts go about declaring that I'm in trouble, especially when it comes to the truth.

It could be the arrival of the significant change in my way of living and believing in what I did, as I always thought that my mind was right.

But hey, the ancient saying about hearts taking over the mind is working their charms in my life .


Destiny has a defined plan for a living. This might sound very common, as everyone blame their fate, the only other half of destiny, for every action.

But what is destiny?

Given a thought, it is something which abides us to have belief in the supreme divinity.


Search your own heart with all the diligence , for out of it flows the issues of life.

This is where the mind plays the vital role as it rules the hearts musings!