Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blank! In the Mind



Was my past

Blank was the feeling passed since the birth of my soul,

Blank was the hopes of my parents when the reality stuck,


So is my present

Blank is the state of mind when I wake up in the morning,

Blank is the world I see when I use my visionary glands,

Blank is the taste I feel when I sense the fears,


Will be my definite future.

Blank will be the sound I’d hear when I choose my ears,

Blank will be the life I’d know when I look beyond the day,


Blink, I Blink, but still all I see is Blank,

Blank is the reality of my life,

‘cos all I can see is Blank.

Be a Blind,

To understand the fears of Blank,

To feel the fears of Blank,

To learn the fears of Blank,


It takes more than Blank thoughts to be a Blind.

1 comment:

Pranjal said...

OK, Now you begin to scare me...