Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Our course of life takes us through varied paths. Some cherished for its memories, some regretted for reasons better not explained, some unacknowledged and some even unwanted. However, once the path taken so is it taken. There is no looking back as it doesn’t give us an option of changing the choice made. So all lies in our hands as to what best can be made of the choice led. And usually, we the ignorant, always go by the easy way of finding the faults and blaming none other than ourselves. Who’s at the gaining side? None! But who’s at the loss? We! And we still continue doing so as we believe that’s the best way of getting it out and over.

It’s all about looking at the positive of the negative side. It’s all about making our choice, this time thoughtfully, whether we want to let go of those memories which are the most cherished at the same time the most painful or we want to hold them back and live with them in a cocoon closing all the possible opportunities ahead of us. It’s all about how far we have made our mind to release the block that has occupied our mind substantially.

Somewhere amidst the torments we rely on the only Source of oneness, Who knows us without even a single word uttered and to Whom we approach when we are clueless. We take Him on every single ride when our mind explores and explodes. He is always there with us, Unseen but unbelievingly Felt with every moment of His presence.

We seek Him through Prayers!

An astound belief in the Almighty and a way of communicating, prayers help us expressing our desires, happiness, loneliness, fears, wish for miracles, welfare of health, need for help, betterment and so on so forth. Some kneel down, some bow down, some close their eyes and some circle the idols, some cross the heart and some just talk to the Unseen. Prayers take their own form adapting to the choice left to the believer.

Prayers, give us a way of relaxation, as it comes along with a satisfaction that some one will always be there to listen to us at the most crucial path of our life. Some one will always lift us and walk along the thorny path; some one will hold us and relax us at times of despair and some one will make us wanted as we blindly believe in their powers and existence. It’s the faith in the Almighty that we seek Him through prayers ‘cos somewhere there is a hidden belief that He listens to us when we speak to Him.

And I am dedicating this post to my friend in need of such prayers. My prayers are along side of yours. ‘Cos somewhere I believe, instead of one voice praying for the same cause if other voices join along, there are better chances of being heard as the prayers resonate with higher altitude. And so the voices will secretly join along every time someone reads this.

God always has plans for us, though during the rough sailing it all seems cloudy to our eyes, but God still has plans for us.

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Pranjal said...

Words fail me. I can only get myself to say Thank You!

More than one person praying for the same need, is something I've recently discovered and begun to believe. Thank You for such lovely words.

As always you are in my prayers as well. God Bless.