Sunday, September 02, 2007

Empyrean Aplomb

It’s gonna be by the hill side,

Just a canopy by the peak.

Lotsa drapes free flowing,

Moving in sync with the winds grandeur.

Blue Orchids to the white lilies randomly picked and placed,

Adding their beauty in silence for the moment awaited.

Melodies to melt the hearts flowing out of the musicians magical hands,

From the guitars to the piano casting their own mystical spells.

Candles standing in all shapes, awaiting their part to be played,

With aromas specially adored, for the moment glorious.

Cloudy weather painting a glittering golden streak in the horizon,

Just about to downpour the pearly drops, but it just wouldn’t ‘cos its my day.

And there I stand undisturbed from the charming nature,

Wandering my eyes from nadir to the zenith, witnessing an empyrean aplomb.

Only to be called by the one who redefines the word Charming,

Stretching her hand for a life long feel, just to hold me tight to eternity.

Standing still to capture the moment and looking at the sky with words murmured,

“Thank you! Thank you for making someone more beautiful than you,

Thank you for making this my day forever! Thank you!”

Wedding bells in the distant church passing their wishes,

Enacting the enchanting mysticism right from the vaults of heaven.

Moments arrive when I take over her stretch of soft hands,

With every sensuous touch, promising deep within for being there until the last breathe.

I Do! I Do! I Do!

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