Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dreams and Interpretations - A Sweet Slumber

I came to know that we were neighbours
I was so angry and upset that you never told me of moving into my neighbourhood
I decided to walk into your house
The door was ajar and I easily managed to get through with less of a trouble
Following a low hum, I walked into your room
You were on your bed lying on your stomach
Listening to music with your ear plugs on
With your legs playfully up in the air
Like those kids who go into their dream world with the first taste of music
Your laptop lay aside midway of minds disclosure, another blog being written
You were oblivious to the fact that someone was in your room
Least of all me!
Something was left cooking in the kitchen, it smelt wondrous
The day was lit with a dull sun trying to peep through the clouds just after the rains
And I just stood beside the door not knowing for how long
It was nice watching you, in your own space without your knowledge
The closest I got into your personal space
And then I walk in, gently sit beside you
Without causing any stir in your world
Few more moments pass by and then you realised something and you turn around
And I found you white faced, pulsing out the last sign of blood off your face
Maybe you were embarrassed, I dint know
Then I comfortably sat on your bed
We were just talking
You ranting about the music you were listening to
And me in my dream zone not hearing a single word you said
I was caught up with your simplicity in enjoying the moment
And as the time slid by, I wanted to make filter coffee for you
Just like appa makes
Served brewing hot in a steel cup with no sugar, as you like it
When you tasted the first sip, you were like
Aaaah this is not what I like, it’s nothing like I prefer
And I rumbled off saying I’ll do it better next time.
I was easily making myself comfortable resting my back against the wall
And turned around to check something
I was taken aback
To hear you say
“I missed you”
More than that
The words just came after
The fresh warm breath I felt from you
Even better
I sensed the warm breath right after you kissed my neck in an attempt not to embarrass yourself
And I remained surprised
And dint know what was coming through
I was numb
Cos I dint expect at all
I thought you’d be you
Not to let yourself to weakness of disclosing anything
But you caught me by surprise
Pleasant surprise
I just came and hugged you
Not knowing how else to react
It was a bit funny
Cos both of us dint know what came through
We were old enough not to feel that fluttery childish experience of the teens
Who first felt the wave of puppy love
But yeah even in this age
We felt that
Just then your roomies walked in
Ahem, caught with even more embarrassment
We were just trying to ward off those prying eyes
Not that I cared
But I did care about you being made fun off
Hush hush the matter was put aside
All of us started making a redundant conversation
Few minutes past by
And then we decided to go off in our directions
I was curious to check what’s cooking in the kitchen
Somewhere as I strode by, my eyes turned around and fell upon you for a brief moment
Your eyes caught them with equal ease and followed the unspoken direction
Footsteps followed each other’s and stopped by the kitchen
What was more alluring was never understood
Was it the moment that just felt right
Or was it that you were next to me
Or was it both that tricked me childishly
But the end was definitely good
As we were caught up in a charm of the moment
The milk left boiling, spilt out of the vessel
But hey, dint I just make coffee for you
So how come the milk was still boiling
I left it aside as I was keener to absorb the moment more than observe spilling milk
I was in the airport looking at the departure board
Flight to New Delhi was on time
Ok, I thought to myself, another 1 hr to reach airport on time and drop off mom
My mom was packing her luggage so that she could leave tomorrow with no much off work
She was eager to visit her sister and was apprehensive about the flight journey
I had already booked the cab to drop her off tomorrow
I was staring at you, flabbergasted
You seemed even more beautiful
The low light in the kitchen shun so dimly on your eyes
It seemed as though they were speaking to me directly
I had my own interpretation and was left with a goofish grin
I walked out of the kitchen
Went to the hall
The window which was left open suddenly filled with gush of fresh air
The rains appeared again shooing the sun to an unseen world not to be found again
It was nice, I felt
Bit of downpour escaped the window blinds and fell on the floor
Like pearls on the ground
I turned around to see you face on face
So close, so near
You smelled great
Maybe it was the soap
Maybe it was the perfume
Maybe it was the kajal your eyes adorned
Or maybe it was just you, smelling great
I so intensely felt of holding your face tight in my small hands
Bring it closer to mine
And kissing your pink lips
Decency! Decency! I had to maintain
Cos it was the first time we were ever meeting
I had to show some sign off being mature and not kiddish
My mom called up and seemed upset
She was waiting for me for more than 4 hrs
Wasn’t her flight tomorrow?
I saw the departure board again
The flight was 20 mins to depart
There was a call for the passenger in the airport to report immediately at gate no 4
My mom was so upset that she started unpacking her luggage on her bed
What happened?
The air hostess came to me and said “Is the passenger travelling?”
My mom was sitting on the bed and she refused to pack her bags again
Air hostess asked me again, she was pretty
I dint like her bright red lipstick, I felt it dint go well
I saw the departure board again, 13 more mins to depart and the final call was made
You held my hand
I was looking at you again
So close to my face
That the rain drops falling on my face dint seem to charm me anymore
Few of the drops escaped the air
And fell on your lips
How could I resist not kissing them?
Decency! Decency!
You sensed my confusion
You took my hand and led me to the room
Made me sit on the bed
I couldn’t help but to stare at you
You looked more beautiful every passing moment
The website on the laptop opened with a faint sound
You directed me to cancel the tickets
But no, the flight was tomorrow
The air hostess lipstick annoyed even more
Final call from the security had lapsed half hr ago
Flight had taken off
Could I still cancel the ticket?
Can my mom still travel?
You held my face
Clearly wanting to get my confusion out
But how could you know, I am left speechless and with limited thinking when you were in front of me
You smelled great
You looked more beautiful as the time slip by
Then the other couple walked in
The guy had his wife sitting on his shoulder
The wife had their daughter in her arms
They all went to the spa with such content
I was surprised to see them all naked, was it normal?
Can they walk around bare when we were in the room?
But they dint mind or care of our presence
We were never there for them
They walked into the pool of rose all around
Their daughter slightly left a sound of happiness
They were happy
Was it a metaphor?
Did I actually see them walking past us?
The next thing I realise was
The rain waters slipping through my hair
You were standing in front of me, with your back facing me
Your hair felt soft
The rain waters were clearly enjoying their ride on your curly waves
My fingers instinctively traversed to move your curls away from your bare back
Your skin felt even softer
You turn around and look into my eyes
With a smile resisting to slip away from your lips
Your lips seemed so delicious
I could hold onto it forever and keep kissing them
Decency! Decnecy! It was the first time I was meeting you
But we stood there without a hint of meeting for the first time
Just under the rains, with no clothes on
It felt as though I knew you from long time
It felt as though it was not physical attraction
But more of being connected to your innermost sense
It felt nice
It felt complete
It felt dream like

It hurt
It hurt badly! but I still woke up with a smile
My niece’s tiny legs had just lofted into the air and blissfully landed on my head!
I woke up
And the first thing I wanted to say was
Pass a smile to you

Woke up cos of you
With a smile
Muaaahhh Muaaahhhhh!