Friday, December 21, 2012

To an eternity

Sun’s setting, so my frail happiness,
Dint foresee, a new light coming by.
Leaves left the branch to fall on the pathway,
Every step left with a crushing choir.

Night came by, costing a sleep,
Wide awake, I saw yet another light.
Choir felt no different on the pathway,
Behold oh twisted mind, this was just another day.

Seeming so, my world came down,
Scathing absurdity, no meaning felt real.
Wishes withdrew, dreams disappeared,
Hopes crumbled, and thus strength weakened to aloofness.

Fall apart, eyes came by you,
A glimpse, a rush, sequence thus followed.
A sensation arose to know you more,
Mysterious abound, who are you.

Autumn felt more dramatic,
After all, a beginning to a new life.
Lost in the crowd, I found myself again,
Beat was felt, heart sensed as much a warmth.

Pickle of a tickle, a smile surfaced,
Agile with its birth, it stuck upon.
It knew the reason, it new its mother,
It knew the purpose, but I was flummoxed.

Scarf twined onto you was left loose,
Wind dictating presence, shoved up his skills.
Your tender fingers rose to the need,
Trouncing to the power, you let it go.

Wind grew stronger, more adamant,
Exposing your neck, by withdrawing your lustrous hair.
Freckles left open to the eyes,
Letting your skin open to goosebumps.

Something was magical,
Something was unnatural.
Something said I am in trouble,
As my heart felt a wimp.

Then our eyes met, confused and dazed,
Denied of departing, it so felt good.
With an unseen connection, they spoke,
Mine said, who are you and where were you.

Eyes followed a few steps,
Mine felt cluttered, yours straight.
Cherish blossomed, roses seen red,
I wanted to paint the world bright to you.

Your glowing skin, those surreal eyes,
Your protruding lips, oh I so care.
Wishes came hopping by, I can so sense,
If only I could hold you in my arms.

And then you tripped, stilettos failed their worth,
And your hands arrested to reaction.
Within fraction of seconds, I held you,
I knew then, I want you forever in my lifetime.

A feeling of anticipated love,
Gave a visit into my mundane life.
Fluttering my senses, I let it chose its direction,
My heart started craving for you, to be mine,

You led me to an insight, of what I can feel,
From the heart, the very feelings poured out loud.
A little blemished, but yet to so real,
You dictated my presence, every bit of it.

Claustrophobic to the world, I felt something,
Something as immature, as a thump in my heart.
I knew nothing until then, was I involved,
With your presence or was it with your essence.

I love you more now, more tonight,
More to a lifetime, cos I am deemed.
I will love you to eternity, to my soul’s journey,
Cos I realized something beautiful as you in my life.

I so wanna feel you, so deep,
I so wanna touch you, with my very skin.
I so wanna feel your breathe, onto my face,
I so wanna make real love to you.

I so fit perfectly now, thinking of the moment,
I so spent in those five minutes.
I so wish, I know you more,
To an eternity, knowing you everyday.

My love, oh so you are my love,
Come to me cos I’v been waiting for you all my life.

Hopeless Romantic

Love, it seems, speaks; have you listened to it,
It’s like the waves dance under the golden sun.
Listen to it, as much as you can hear,
They come sparingly to embrace you.

Don’t you shy away, oh don’t you, my sweetness,
It has travelled great distance from my heart.
With the time felt, feelings only get deeper,
With the time felt, the feelings only got deeper.

It’s not the golden sun, alone that’s shining,
Listen oh sweetness, it’s my feelings relayed.
I’m wasted in your presence, but getting wasted feels right,
It’s the murmur that I hear, that invades my presence.

Murmur from your thoughts, which may be seeking me,
Is it so oh my sweetness, tell me so of it soon.
For I’d know its traversing in the desired flow, indeed,
In the direction that it was destined to be, oh my love, oh it is.

Casted in your presence, I so miss your self,
Oh dear, can I see now, for I wanna feel you so close.
It’s those magical moments that I seek in the yester years,
When the stars fail their charm, and my desires shun high grounds.

Pity my own shadows, where they keep scouting for your essence,
Show your self, oh my dear, for they seek to know the truth.
Help them now, for now it matters to feel so real,
Help me show them, cos I near the end of you being an illusion.

I did so, mistake you to be unreal, blame me, sidecast me, so for what I felt,
But I did so, unknowingly thought you to be unreal.
You pinched me, aarrgghh, hard that was so felt,
When I woke up, I felt your brush of fresh breath, soothing through my ache.

Is it true, they speak of you being a mystery,
For I thought I knew you since decades.
Is it true, that you are so real,
If so, I deem my life with every breath to be yours.

Hold me, touch me, feel me, and sense me,
Embrace me, for I am the one who will be your shadow.
That essence of a shadow, I will be, forever,
Where I fail to leave you, to eternity, to a never ending breath of life.

I am the hopeless romantic that you can encounter with, unfortunately,
I am that sense of unrealistic, that you ever believed in.
But I breathe, oh my sweetness with all the freshness,
And I want you to feel the freshness, as you scatter your footsteps ahead with.

I am real, with flesh and blood, waiting for your response,
Oh my sweetness, I am so real, waiting to be acknowledged.
Believe me when I say this, I am so real, waiting by your footstep,
I waited enough, enough to see the daylight turn so calm.

I rest my eyes tonight, in the pretext of a new sunrise,
A sunrise, which will break my dream, as I hope for something magical and yet so real.
I look upon, those delicate steps, that you take towards unknowing,
Lemme introduce myself for your ease, I am the one who waited for years.