Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life Perturbed

Life, through its course of journey, sought to define its path. Seeking an answer to itself for the led path. At the relevance, there were thousands of questions raised, Why’s for What’s done!

Mortal competency is what one strives to achieve in his course of Life. Topping the list of “to be what one wants to be”, this race of so called “living and proving” exhausts the Life at the end of it. So why at all? Many unanswerable factors follow the question. May be, it’s the desire to show what the world wants to see… Visibility! Visible in terms of Existence, Power, Wealth, Knowledge, Relations, Societal appearance, Materialistic aspects, Achievements… turns out to be a never-ending list.

Birthing from the human entity, never thought about the complexities of Life, or to an extent about Life itself. It seemed to be of no importance at all. Days of schooling just passed by and did it as it was to be done so. Accepting, without questioning, is what we are dictated through out, especially when our footsteps fonder around our surroundings. Those questioned are the ones who follow their own path to be defined and to be historicized. Clarity on the reality says so, that I wasn’t the one who defined my own path.

Damn, why wasn’t I???