Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life Perturbed

Life, through its course of journey, sought to define its path. Seeking an answer to itself for the led path. At the relevance, there were thousands of questions raised, Why’s for What’s done!

Mortal competency is what one strives to achieve in his course of Life. Topping the list of “to be what one wants to be”, this race of so called “living and proving” exhausts the Life at the end of it. So why at all? Many unanswerable factors follow the question. May be, it’s the desire to show what the world wants to see… Visibility! Visible in terms of Existence, Power, Wealth, Knowledge, Relations, Societal appearance, Materialistic aspects, Achievements… turns out to be a never-ending list.

Birthing from the human entity, never thought about the complexities of Life, or to an extent about Life itself. It seemed to be of no importance at all. Days of schooling just passed by and did it as it was to be done so. Accepting, without questioning, is what we are dictated through out, especially when our footsteps fonder around our surroundings. Those questioned are the ones who follow their own path to be defined and to be historicized. Clarity on the reality says so, that I wasn’t the one who defined my own path.

Damn, why wasn’t I???

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Mystery cloudeth my mind for the state of being,
Unable to visualize the trail of incidents that occurred…
But still I stood, handicapped out in the Sun,
Trying to decipher my existence…. Was it real or a matrix?

Memories jetting back to birth and the new beginning,
An existence redefined with the physical entity.
Headstrong with the vision, I was here to run the course of time,
With embedded thoughts in mind of the physical entity being Mortal!

Due course realized that the physical entity was not just the entity,
Defined was it to be the master of all entities!
Was sent for a purpose to seek the quest…
The quest, which only the divine entity could seek!

Soul displays its emotions through the channel well adapted by millions,
Some vibrant and some sober, mere acknowledgment of the state of mind.
Whilst display of several, mystery cloudeth the mind,
For there arise symbols, unique in its own way, but trying to speak the unknown.

Circumstances put forth difficulties in reaching the destiny,
For, the soul is not just the soul; it is also part of the entity!
Succumbing to the pleasures dictated by the matrix,
Million promises lure away the real purpose, losing the path, which defines the existence!

Embracing time, pleasures failed to play its charm,
Woke up to reality, quest is not all of this!
Regaining the composure, here I walk again,
Like a nomad, quenching the life’s thirst!

Events, unrealistic then, seem to fall in place,
Like the puzzle, sole reason of which I am here!
Thy seek the quest of deciphering the puzzle,
For there lies embedded, the reason for real existence!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Quest thy Holy Grail.............

Holy Grail...... an alternative truth to what is in existence .. the belief ... the legend.

HOLY GRAIL is within us. The conscience of every individual gears up to be the HOLY GRAIL. It differs with perception.Some call it the cup,others swear by the document, but what i see is the ignorance of the mankind to search for somethinig which is undefined, imaginery (unless you are part of the Priory of Sion)....

Quest for unknown is definetely a high that you ride on....piece of advice ,quest your own soul, for you may find an answer for what you crave to know. .... for knowing your soul is where the journey begins to world unknown.......

Amidst the matrix of life lies an individual soul who knows all,cos he is the one who has understood the meaning of being born,alive and meaning to thy life.Try searching that soul within you .... Plunging into the depths of inner reality is where you seek an answer to the HOLY GRAIL.....

You might just end up giving a different name to it...... and end up starting a new priory....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

discover thy world, for it may hold the opening to your universe!!!

Seek wat u want, let alone wat the world comments on it..... drive ur life!
Uplift urself to the sky,for u can reach the stars that seemed far not the limit!
Push ur limits, for u can achieve the unimaginable....unravel ur thoughts!
Relish every moment, for that deciphers ur life..........decoded is heavenly!
Insulate from the routine, for that kills ur imagination...thoughts fly high!
Young ur mind, for aging entity embraces the killing time....mind matters!
Accept ur reality, for only then u can accept ur dreams....yin yang!

Follow wat u believe in, for that shouts who u r........daredevil of all!
Outcry ur emotions, for that motions ur feelings never touched....explode!
Rise out of the existence, for that is not end of!

Ur success in decoding... elevates the mystery thy seek!

Notice thy walk..cos there you find a path

Walk..... walk through your LIFE ,cos it is the only action that'l take you where you wanna be....walk.....
but notice your walk, cos that is what will matter where you wanna be.....

Walk your steady way by holding hands is what you'v learnt from memories..
but define your walk for that matters your real purpose of the walk....

walk alone ... for that is what throws light at your inner self,
but do remember not to leave the ones behind who believed in your walk....

walk your way out and reach the place you wanna be ...
but dont end your walk for that is not the end of your purpose....

walkin miles away ... one point where the thunder strikes...
you realise the very purpose of your life.... if at all you ever noticed your walk.
lies beneath hidden in the path is your self realisation of the real purpose of walk....
the answer to your quest of all.... your very being... your very existence....

walk this path..and you reacheth the horizon of dreams and reality,
the horizon of life beyond existence....and there you leave a sign board behind " once a life walked this path beyond the essence of real existence "

Striketh your mind is the reality that your walk got noticed whilst you still walked through LIFE UNNOTICED !!!