Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt touched by a person’s fingers,

Whom you know will touch the same way rest of your life?

Have you ever felt the look in the eyes which outcry and say,

Please be there in front of me until I close to destiny?

Have you ever felt the kiss which takes your feet away from the ground,

Only for the reason that you know it’s not the kiss of lust but that of love?

Have you ever felt the whispers which ignites a hair raising sensation,

For the words murmured reminds of the angelic serenity?

Have you ever felt the smell in the air which was carefully chosen,

From the vaults of heaven to the womb of the earth, especially for you?

Have you ever felt rested on the laps of the one whose mere touch,

Puts your worries miles away and imbibes a peaceful sleep as never before?

Have you ever felt?

Have you ever?

Have you?

If you have then post me the wedding card, if not –

I’d still look at the sky and hunt for the shooting stars,

I’d ‘cos –

I’d want to –

‘cos I want to feel ever that way.


Me said...

Well, I'd like to know if you ever feel that way! Sounds mystical...

Sudi said...

Hoping for! as the stars have not yet shown their presence shooting amidst the millions them.

Mystical! Yes ! its all of the experience once u find the one reciprocating the same as what you have for her.

Mystical! Definitely Yes !

Deepti said...

Wow... TO answer all the questions in the poem..

Yes I have :)

Sudi said...

Wow.. so this is indeed possible in reality... man i am so happy for u deepti :)

Deepti said...

it is always possible... if not now, maybe later. But it happens.

Sudi said...