Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rains O Rains

Rain; cleanse me with your real self!

For I am clothed with the dust from the past.

Wanting to wash away every bit of the layer,

To see a new soul ready to start afresh.

I come to you with the varied past,

Reminiscence of the Yin and the Yang self.

Cluttered thoughts frame my present,

Future, desiring to see betterment.

Radiance of your every drop,

Reminds me to see moments differently.

Moments, flowing down as the time sheds,

Without trace of its existence ever been led.

Hope that enriches with your very touch,

Soul stirring tranquility with your very presence,

I stand in front of you with arms wide open,

Embrace me like you do so with the earth and its essence.


Pranjal said...

Hmm.. Now that's one I can relate to!!


Rain said...

I like rain and rainforest, and my nick name is Rain....so, this one I can relate to but no valuable comments can be given to you, because I find all writing are good so long one is willing to write anything and share with people. I used to write, many years ago, it wasn't a diary but I never share with anyone...

Rain = person you met via Falcon...guess?

Sudi said...

If i cud see the words thru the rain, then identfying the rain is not a herculous task.....

well! the guessin wudnt surprisingly last long ..cos i know who u are.

I like ur Nick Name Ms Chan ;)