Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wedding Vows

Days passed by, one after the other,

Holding the fingers, that guided over coming years.

Growing in separate worlds, walking our very own stead,

Joyous moments lived, from the childhood to adolescence.

Day came when; our world’s met face to face,

Formal occasions set, for an auspicious new beginning.

Families met first, followed by our thoughts,

Then came our interests and a desire for a future together.

Marriages are made in heaven, so said the wise men,

We were destined, only to meet on Earth.

Mutual feelings, of spending the coming years holding hands

Celestial bodies never hesitated to bestow upon their - asthu, asthu, tathasthu.

Arrangements being mapped to a day in our life,

To begin our eternal walk of togetherness, life long.

Upon seeking the blessings from the Holy above,

We walk the aisle, with the assurance of you being with us.

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