Monday, September 24, 2007

Dreams Unlimited

What is it that makes us dream when the reality is so much occupied in our regularity of habitual living?

Its mere evidence, whatever said and done, that we still follow our routine - day by day and still believe that it has to be lived. However when the day ends, we realize - it was nothing more than yesterday and was nothing more than the day before that - a simplistic routine.

Still there are many aspects which we wanted to experience during the course of the day and failed to see its visibility, filling up the ‘didn’t do it today as well’ bottle which is overflowing with its contents since the years counted. Unknowingly our mind is so stubborn of opening this bottle and experiencing each of its content, that we start living them in the only other possibility – dreams; almost an alter living – somehow realistically believable. When the dream machine is boarded, it’s our journey and we become, almost convincingly, any character birthing from our thoughts.

In this alter life; we have the balls to say NO to those we wanted to say NO to in reality. We have the audacity to tell the boss that he sucks and is good for nothing. We have the capabilities of exploring the deepest fears and yet we find solace in just doing so. It’s our world, we have the power to choose the next action and we do so without hesitating further consequences.

We start living in an imaginative world, convincing ourselves that this is how we should experience it ‘cos we still have a routine life to live from the moment we wake up to reality.

We are the maker and we are the liver.

Dreams are unlimited - It’s like Alice exploring her imaginative, dreamy and her wonderland. Who’d stop her and who’d stop us?

An unfading smile to learn that there is no one stopping us of our imagination.


Smini said...

I loved this one....
For a change :-) could relate to it.

Pranjal said...

Agree with Smini on that!

Btw, loved the idea of posting your paintings along with posts! That's something I'll look forward to here-on. :)

Sudi said...

smini....u wrote that .. cant blv .... thanks girls