Monday, August 20, 2007

Shooting amidst the air

1,2,3,....... counts leading to infinity.

So seemed the distant between us.
Me, with the heart felt efforts to count Your presence
and You with Your starry light looking at the tiny me.
Though the distance separating us was in the infinite light years...
I could still feel Your presence, every moment, every breath
and at times every gap between the breath.
Wow!!!.. is all that I felt.

You came up every time casting the very magical spell,
asking nothing in return.
But You came up everytime and made me look up to You
to feel closer to the lot.
In my way, I could reach You right through the distance,
if wanted could capture You within the medium
and when needed, just lay down and be mesmerised.

You shadowed me through the dark.
Fighting away from the obstacles,
You walked the stead along my way.
You held the lens up to get me a bigger You
And I called You just by another name.

You still remain the symbol of unity,
of those souls who dwell to unite with each other.
You still bring the lost emotions,
so lost in the matrix of our life.
You still remind us to hold hands,
just simply gazing at You,
and You still demand nothing in return.

But this time I want something more from You,
I want to see You shoot in the sky.
To shoot right in front of my eyes,
midst the coldness of the night,
midst the clouds of darkness,
midst the empire of millions You,
midst all other's Hope.

'Cos this time I have a Hope for my self.
I hope for meeting the evading distance between the souls,
I hope for the starry light You down pour on the starry eyes I dream of,
I hope for those moments holding hands looking at the very You,
I hope for capturing You in my hand and giving to the eyes of her disbelief,
I hope for Your shadow, still in tact, but this time not only for me,
I hope for the bigger lens, still being called differently, but this time to shine more on her,
I hope for the significant arrival of the lost emotions midst the lost dreams and qualms,
I hope for the unity,I hope for meeting my horizon of dreams and reality,
I hope for a fairy tale.

I hope for the shooting You amidst the millions shining,
For I have a prayer to be prayed in silence.
A wish to be wished for myself.
A dream to be dreamt for a better tomorrow.

Show me Your shooting Prowess, for I want to believe You - even more from the Fairy Tales.

1,2,3....counts leading to countless hopes.