Monday, January 22, 2007

Reasoning For .....

Hold on to your pace

For, I will be there to join you,

Hold on to the shared memories

For, I will be there to redeem it.

Look beyond the night

For, the darkness is momentary.

Look for a better tomorrow

For, this light will last a lifetime.

Sight my very visit

For, I will be there to hold you tight.

Sight for the times together

For, that will cling on to our very living.

Clasp the hands for the last time

For, they will be taken over from you.

Clasp my hands instead

For, they are trembling without your touch.

Feel your thirst for the longing hug

For, I will be there to feel your warmth.

Feel my heart with every beat that it beats

For, you will know how long it’s beating since without you.

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