Friday, April 06, 2007

Weathery Weatherman

Complication unwinds its full self when it was least anticipated in the day of the light. When life seemed to be rosy, situations thronged up, reminding of the thorny side of it. Pacing against the past, Weatherman was not ready for another race of emotions.

Dwelling into the soul talk, like before, never hoped for its darker side. But the clouds seemed really mysterious for there was a disastrous storm in the foreplay. Weatherman was stuck in not forecasting the tidal change. For the first time Weatherman did fail in looking at the alter mind!

The wild side went off to a hazy level when it confronted to the dictum's of the life unspoken of the catastrophes it could swear by. Weatherman was swindling between the time zones, not leaving past led and denying to go with the present seen. So likely of his behavior, denial of the state of people expect out of him in their company. But this seemed to be cloudy for their vision as they could not go beyond its darkness.

Weather changes as the time trails its galore walk.

Weather changes as the moments are left to be moments and thought about in the future as what a moment.

Weather changes as the same emotions are knocked onto the doors time and again for a no answer for their efforts.

But Weatherman still remains the Weatherman captivating the changes in the weather.

At times of despair Weatherman thinks of a situation when…

Weather changes and he wants to change and walk along the trails of time and enjoy the galore of walking with a companion.

Weather changes and the moments are felt and lived and the future is all about living different moments, leaving not even an ounce of chance to think of moment led.

Weather changes and confronting the same emotions knocked on the doors and the answer is a pleasant surprise for rest of the life.

Weatherman, for a change, wants the weather to be changed from inside. Not be part of captivating the weather changes, but be part of the weather for he wants the weather to change him and be no more called as a Weatherman.

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