Saturday, January 06, 2007

Arrival of the significant change

The days are the same until I came across the one that made a difference. Strange to believe but surprisingly true, that I'v fallen into the trap which I was always running away from. Though it's a little difficult to convince myself to believe the same, but the fact remains evident that I am into it, especially when my whole aspect of looking at things did change.

Alas, should I call it the entrapment of thyself into the castles of the myriad blues... whatever...the feelings are definitely the ones which even the angels cannot distract away from.

Is it something that people who lived and loved for , through the centuries, that I am going through?? Remains a puzzle, hard to crack, as I am the nomad who finds it in people at any instance but not the one who falls for it. Though some part of me is trying hard to convince the fact of the present existence.

I always believed that the heart CAN always be cheated by the mind. But this time, it's surprisingly hard to believe when my mind failed to rule the heart. My instincts go about declaring that I'm in trouble, especially when it comes to the truth.

It could be the arrival of the significant change in my way of living and believing in what I did, as I always thought that my mind was right.

But hey, the ancient saying about hearts taking over the mind is working their charms in my life .

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