Saturday, January 06, 2007

Matrix of Life

There I stand , embracing the purity that breezes all over from the unknown. Looking above reminds me of the surreal divinity, the charismatic truth of unveiling the mystery. The truth foreseen to be the end or the beginning, depending on the visionary surveillance of the human psychic.

Bending down, I catch the glimpse of the reality or so called the life going mechanical! Souls passing by to catch up with the defined way of living, getting so involved with the set matrix which seems so unwise to crack. Alas, if they could only foresee the pleasures of unwinding from the normal to the psychic nuances.

Its the zeal involved in rediscovering the defined, to define the living. It births the perpetual zenith of cracking the so called unwise to define the soul's quest.

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