Saturday, January 06, 2007


The rythm of life did pace up when the rains and the wind took their turns playing their charm. The aura created was enough to glitter any aspect that could imbibe a life within. My wishes reach greater heights when it comes to being part of the charming presence, but the fact is disturbing, especially to learn that the soul doesn't have a body to enjoy the graceful nativity.

There were days when the physical self zestfully went out to embrace the wind and the rains, enjoying the shear pleasure of being involved with the nature. Should I call it the best part of my life, not that I can term it definitely. But yes, there remains a painting of the emotions, that ran into me, even though my physical self is engraved in the demisal grounds.

I cried being not part of the entity that birthen from my mother. The entity which made me feel the very necessity of being physically alive. Matured enough, was I to understand the fact that the physical self is the first step of awakening to the reality. It need not be the only means for the search to find who you are, did I realize the truth, it needs more than the entity to achieve the unachievable.

Wanderer..... was .... am .... will be!

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