Saturday, January 06, 2007

Rainy Conversation

) - Rains, reminds me to live my life again, just to enjoy the serene beauty that every single drop radiates, reflections of my life just the same.

-()- Talk about being poetic. That held meaning in depth though. Making full use of solitude and climate it seems...

) - Glimpse of life itself is so beautiful , then imagine the essence of understanding the depth, discovering life within life...

-()- but the irony is that, depth seldom understood. The alternative is to enjoy and understand ( as to ones mind thats so unique) the small things that make up the large picture. Like say, a rain drop for example.. or the magic behind the smell of the fresh wet earth... or this or that !

)- Thoughts in sync. Thy seldom wisheth to understand as small things clouds the depth, leaving the mystic to be mysterious ,thus call enigma.

-()- Let all of us choose to return to innocence, at times to enjoy the magical combo of mystic and the mysterious. Like they say some questions are best left unanswered.

)- Its the quest for mystic, that maketh the difference in being me ! Quest, thy shadow , been ever since tooling me to open up to the enigma.

-()- In short you were born inquisitive.... :)

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