Sunday, October 07, 2007

Life's calling

Life is not fair at all times.

It shows it’s better side most of its stay.
But to ensure that a soul doesn't get absorbed in the sweet morality at its stake,
It shows up the other side as well...
This is a reasoning of its own self to ensure that the soul feels the sweetness even better.

Life is not fair at all times...............
We just have to sail with the flow.
'Cos there awaits a better side of its being
Waiting to be explored and exploited to its fullest.

Life is Fair if u look at the flip side.

Life is damn Fair .... 'cos its Life ...........
And Life is to be lived to its every second.
Not lost for its every second feeling morose on its adversity.

Life is calling where are you.... Life has its arms spread wide open for the warmth.

Feel the Life .... and its very warmness.

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