Monday, October 01, 2007

Complicated Mind

Mind is one’s universe, crafting to every foreseen and unforeseen situations. It’s the comfort level we, the better part of the species, are relaxing on every moment with the foreseen situations. But unforeseen situations demands for a realistic approach, established and matured mind to take over.

Our living is encountered with several of these situations. Many of which we would have anticipated and geared for its acceptance. Some of which we fear and discard its notion until its arrival. However, there are those situations which strikes like a thunder and leave a remarkable remembrance in our life time. How does our mind accommodate such a situation; always remained a question in my mind.

We open our eyes to the daylight. Mechanically mind begins to strike each of the activities on its completion; bathroom – ticked, coffee – ticked, paper – ticked, breakfast – ticked, ironing clothes – ticked, getting ready – ticked….. One is so used to this typical arrangement that mind is automatically tuned to its actions. If one of these activities in the “to do list” goes out of gear- an unwanted disturbance shows up in the day to day rhythm. Our actions are dominated by irritation, snubbing, inability to concentrate and whole lot of psychological mood swings. But still this seems to be so normal in terms of leading our rhythmic flow of life. It is when we confront a situation so unimagined; that we become numb, to an extent that our mind halts its regular functioning.

Citing an experience on an early morning, I was shocked to know that my best friend’s father passed away. Unexpected as it seemed, but the feeling of loosing someone is dreadful, especially when that someone was around in all walks of my friend’s life, from the initial walk to the walk in the aisle. That someone was to hold his grandchildren’s hands as well and teach them the very first footsteps. And all of a sudden the world became blank and he was just a photograph hung amidst the swelling emotions. The clock stopped working for him and continued for others to accept the reality of his invisible state of being. I could hear my friend loosing his breath whilst confirming the news and all I could sense was his helplessness commanding his very voice. He was shattered and for the first time ever his emotions became more audible, the tears rolled down while the voice crumbled with fears. I could only imagine his state of being. A day planned with regular activities but confronted with unforeseen situation.

It is when my mind started exploring the possibilities of the so called unforeseen situations and the repercussions of it in our very own lives.

How do we react when our worst fears come face to face?

How do we convince ourselves that the one present moment ago will ever be a memory?

How do we accept the twists that jerk our way of living?

How do we pick ourselves from the devastated moment to a stronger position?

Our mind is the controller of all our activities, but still when it faces an unforeseen situation, it is usually the heart that takes control in the initial stages until it looses out to the emotions. And then the complicated mind takes over acting like a weaver, joining the intricacies and preparing for the stage beyond the moment.

Somewhere mind knows that this too is a phase and shall pass.

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