Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Could!

I could!

I could walk away from the desires of being with you,
Those moments where I would feel the very breathe on my face,

I could walk away from the dreams I dreamt,
Of sweet surrender of my mind onto your laps,

I could walk away from the feelings you invoked,
Of those whisking me away from the ground,

I could fall in love with my loneliness as ever before,
Instead of having a shoulder to lean on at times of loneliness,

I could spend my time wishing for the miracle,
Standing by the railings, looking at the distant hope in the sky,

I could!

But I would not leave this moment go unattended to,
For, I could change the moment for a better off, for something new tomorrow!

I could choose to be living in the past soaked in memories,
Or I could choose to be living in this moment, letting go the past to be a phase!

I see a reflection in the mirror, with a sign of happiness,
For it knows of the choice made!


maia said...


Pranjal said...

A lesson learnt!

Sudi said...

indeed !