Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Balancing Act!

A casual statement was made amidst a conversation with my friend.

“For the person you are, you deserve all of those ever imagined and dreamt off!”

Hmmm…. Elated for a second and at the same time I wondered,

Didn’t those people deserve better -

When their life was snatched away by time, leaving nothing but a life long silence to their loved ones!
When ribs showed their presence when the food didn’t!
When all they found was abandoned in the streets, after pawning their freedom catering to their child’s never ending demands!
When the bowl went empty even after the aged desperate hands cried for alms!
When the tiny tots squeeze themselves into a small iron ring, just to ensure that they catch the right attention and be catered to their next meal!
When they are demanded to pay a donation – a mere token of appreciating work - to get their rights granted!
When the abuse is termed as just another moment of pleasure by those of the stronger presence!

They do!
They do more than what we do!
They pretty much deserve all those dreams which they are scared to even think off!

If all of us, who deserved and got the same in our life, start thinking of fulfilling those dreams of the less fortunate ones, the world would indeed be another mould of balancing act!

Sigh, many of us seldom think in the lines of seeing a smile on other’s face, by sacrificing our own self made deserving plate of desires.

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