Friday, April 06, 2007


Lost in the qualms of my life,

I search for the enigma to purify my soul.

All I could draw on was one small aspect,

Wanting to know the unknown.

The heart’s searching for the one not found

Help me someone, in finding the one I am searching.

It’s been a long haul in waiting for,

The one who’ll melt my heart in her arrival.

Let me embrace her like the moonlight

Embraces the night fall and the hearts.

Let me hold her strong like the dew drops

Fighting to restrain from the leafy edge.

Let me smell her like the bees scouting

For the nectar, in their every ride

Let me feel her like the baby

Feels his motherly touch.

Let me know her like the way

I’v been wanting to know her.

Let me , just let me ..

Get to meet her.

For from there, I’ll stop writing

And start telling her.

I love you!


maia said...

hey!good one!

Pranjal said...

Whoa! Magaa, yel iddiyo?!!