Sunday, August 20, 2006


Mystery cloudeth my mind for the state of being,
Unable to visualize the trail of incidents that occurred…
But still I stood, handicapped out in the Sun,
Trying to decipher my existence…. Was it real or a matrix?

Memories jetting back to birth and the new beginning,
An existence redefined with the physical entity.
Headstrong with the vision, I was here to run the course of time,
With embedded thoughts in mind of the physical entity being Mortal!

Due course realized that the physical entity was not just the entity,
Defined was it to be the master of all entities!
Was sent for a purpose to seek the quest…
The quest, which only the divine entity could seek!

Soul displays its emotions through the channel well adapted by millions,
Some vibrant and some sober, mere acknowledgment of the state of mind.
Whilst display of several, mystery cloudeth the mind,
For there arise symbols, unique in its own way, but trying to speak the unknown.

Circumstances put forth difficulties in reaching the destiny,
For, the soul is not just the soul; it is also part of the entity!
Succumbing to the pleasures dictated by the matrix,
Million promises lure away the real purpose, losing the path, which defines the existence!

Embracing time, pleasures failed to play its charm,
Woke up to reality, quest is not all of this!
Regaining the composure, here I walk again,
Like a nomad, quenching the life’s thirst!

Events, unrealistic then, seem to fall in place,
Like the puzzle, sole reason of which I am here!
Thy seek the quest of deciphering the puzzle,
For there lies embedded, the reason for real existence!

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