Tuesday, August 08, 2006

discover thy world, for it may hold the opening to your universe!!!

Seek wat u want, let alone wat the world comments on it..... drive ur life!
Uplift urself to the sky,for u can reach the stars that seemed far away...sky not the limit!
Push ur limits, for u can achieve the unimaginable....unravel ur thoughts!
Relish every moment, for that deciphers ur life..........decoded is heavenly!
Insulate from the routine, for that kills ur imagination...thoughts fly high!
Young ur mind, for aging entity embraces the killing time....mind matters!
Accept ur reality, for only then u can accept ur dreams....yin yang!

Follow wat u believe in, for that shouts who u r........daredevil of all!
Outcry ur emotions, for that motions ur feelings never touched....explode!
Rise out of the existence, for that is not end of all....discover!

Ur success in decoding... elevates the mystery thy seek!

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