Sunday, March 17, 2013

And then I got married!!

I sat by the comfort zone, just had to sail along what was coming my way. While I did expect this day to come in my life, dint expect it to come in such a dramatic note. It was as though I was pulled out of my bed and was made to sit for the ritual. With my boxers to cover my bare essentials, I was made to politely sit on a seating arrangement while my niece comes around and recites some shlokas in her own language and then the ceremony began. I vaguely remember anyone even asking my opinion of what was to come. While my folks were taking care of the kitchen for the feast, the soothing music played along and somewhere, far away, I did hear the distant church bells going bong bong bong.

Talk of the influence from the TV, my niece and nephew precisely knew of what they had to do. First they came with a plate with imaginative flowers and aarathi, performed a ritual where I had to bow down and let them apply the vermilion. This followed by setting my hair straight, yeah my niece was particular of the fact that my hair had to look decent. Wiped my face off the anxiety and then I was asked to follow what they had in their mind.

I was handed over the garland and my supposedly life partner was sent to exchange the garlands as a custom. To my surprise this dint stop at 1 life partner as I was made to do the same for 2 more lovely ladies. Call it a shock of my life, when I dint have a clue of handling 1 partner how on earth will I manage 3 altogether. However this seemingly dint bother my niece and nephew, not at all.

One of the ladies, wore a significantly bright saree and dressed up to kill any homebound heartful romantic, however to add a tinge to her dressing sense – she wore a pair of boots which was amusing. The other came across bit more fashionable for a wedding, sporting a party goer attire with dazzling shiny halter top and to match it along a denim skirt barely above her knees. She had a sheepish smile on her face and her hair was colored golden brown. I wanted to see my moms face to this look, missed it definitely as I was concentrating on the ladies. The last one, brunette with long tresses was bold enough to come along with an enviable red cocktail dress, the neckline so deep down that the audience would dive to take a peek into. Her stilettos made me wonder how did she even manage to walk without spraining her legs. Hmmm, should I be jealous or play along with the flirtatious view.

Finally I had to agree to what was happening and the garlands were exchanged. The ladies, or so to my call my life partners were made to sit on my lap for the final ceremony – kanyadhaan. I swear on my active senses, I heard my heart do a thump dance to the tunes of Mcdonalds – I’m loving it!!!

At the end of the entire melodrama, I was declared married to 3 most beautiful women I had seen. With no time gap, I was immediately escorted by my niece to a room and was cautioned – I will lock the room from outside!!!

To my amusement, I sat along with the ladies or should I say my life partners in a locked room wondering what was the next thing I am supposed to play along with. Without a hint of any guilt, the ladies blindly looked at me and just retained their gorgeous smile. Call it a boon, they dint utter a word and that made things easier in such an embarrassing caught up situation. I thanked almighty for making a person invent Barbie dolls to amuse the little girls that I was relaxing to a large extent and dint have to take this drama any longer.

Yes I was married off to 3 Barbie dolls whom my niece and nephew almost thought were real. A victim of the kids boredom, I was happily married away to cater to their mischievous afternoon.

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