Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Revolution is what we need

We live in a world where we tag along with every revolt that is being done. Expressive as we may seem be, most often, we diverse our expressions via social network.

Platitude as it may sound, one intends to believe thus achieved, the contribution is done, it’s expressed, it’s uttered and our part is over.

Think of it, we live in a society, wherein a sister, friend, mother, relative, girlfriend, neighbor, et all who is a girl is cornered at every step. Be it sacrifices, humiliation, fear, abusiveness, rejection, the steps can be widened in undermining the gender.

Let’s look at this part of the world, the gender world. I am ashamed with every depth of me being a man, that a sense of such insane act can be clad upon our own species and that too on the gender that we deem to be the supreme in our society. Woman is what we have been told to respect for, from our yester years, learning’s that we inculcate from our mother, sisters, teachers and to a social upbringing that makes us respect them. So what goes wrong when we reach the maturity and decide it is fine to be abusive on the ones we should respect.

Only psychology will have an answer to it but not humanity, as it is inhumane, for us to accept it to be fine and to deal with such absurdity.

What happened to our world, where we are taught to live free, express freely, admire the existence, appreciate our gifts and the respect we learnt in our childhood days.

Gone in the wind, when we encounter with such a trauma as recent as, an awakening to the animosity. We named her Nirbhaya, did she ask for it, did she feel happy about being called so, did she want to refuse the name thus given, did she …… the questions can never be known from her, as she demised with losing her essentials – hope, dreams, desires, future, family, known, unknowns and whatever was coming her way for good. She was forced to lose it, abused to lose it, victimized to lose it; at the end of it she lost it, her life, her soul, her existence, thrown to a tattered birth. Who is to be blamed? She could never express after what was incurred to her.

To think of it, what was her mistake? To be born as a girl who could be a need for some absurd fantasy of a flipped mind. To be the easy availability to a soulless entity who just knew to achieve riddance of his sexual drives. So was she casted as a material, a thing, a nonliving; who would not feel the pain of their prowess, the insult of being respected for, a subject of ones need, just a entertainment of their evening drive, or just a girl to be taken granted for accepting anything thrust upon???

Those accused, admitted to their cruelty openly without a shine of remorse, without a feel of guilt, without a show of feeling inhumane; they narrated what proudly they subjected her to a tease. It was an act of pleasure as they saw, how much ever insane it might sound, it felt right for them to abuse her, subjugate her, subject her to the utmost vivacious act of compulsion someone can ever think of and at the end of it kill her soul!!!!

We mourned, we protested, we admitted to the seriousness of what is happening, but at the same time, we see many more of incidents which repeated the demonic act. How many instances have been reported thus since and how many have not, how many innocents have been abused, how many souls have been broken ever since, that we see it as common in our life that the society is not fit to live in.

Is it the society to be really blamed for, it is supposed to be the upbringing of ourselves that culminates into a mass of livings, which forms the so called society. So somewhere there birthed a negative essence which is showing its horns into our very own surroundings. Who is to be blamed for, there can’t be any force to be named precisely. But it exists in real, in flesh and blood that is showing the rush towards innocence just to please their insatiable feelings.

I am ashamed to be called a man, when one of my genders is engulfed in believing they need to act to their needs. For I have to shun my face to their mistakes, cover my face when a woman casts her eyes with such ferocity of what is happening to her gender. For her, I am not me, but I am just a man, void of any other aspect, I am just a man who treated them inappropriately as they know of. Subjected them to every utter of disrespect, every possible way of abuse, every chance of feeling them, every instance of using them, I am just a man as seen by them, who they started to hate, fear, be disgusted off.

I regret the feeling of what is happened and is still happening, I regret of being called a man when the other gender looks at me as the one who was responsible for the mistreat. I regret being called a man when I can sleep over the fact that the same can happen to the ones I know of, related to, care about, respect for, admire with every possible sense. I regret what happened to you being a woman, from centuries of trauma you had to face, for I know the value of what you are.

What we need is a respect of what we are for, to take care of you, to respect you, to protect you, to give an assurance that we are there to thwart any disrespect that may be casted on you. We need to have an awakening of what we become off, relearn the cause of what we need to be from our mother, the one who was responsible to tender us, let us grow, make us what we are to respect others and the most of all respect womanhood. We need to have an awakening which strives in our culture, our sanctity of being a human, our morale of being right and our resolution of doing right.

We need a reformed mindset, where when we sleep, we do acknowledge that we did nothing wrong in all our conscience. We were not wrong to others, we did nothing wrong to anyone. Most of all, we need to live being a human who is the matured of all.

Can there be a society where we can live like humans? As the wise old man speaks, it’s all in us, each individual’s, who can assess what is right and what is wrong with full consciousness. Can there be one, question which can never be answered but only desired to be right.

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