Tuesday, June 02, 2009

pacing momentum

“Down the river path way,

“Down the river path way, I stand overhead a penetrating bliss. A mirrored image cropping the flowing serenity pinches the reality. Not again, but again I stand destitute to the same magnum. Here I am, playing the villain to a solemn serenity and ruptured claim, I stand here head on once again. Call it the kiss of the black widow, I breathe while I still die an unfolding death swelling with emotions that just puts me as another villain. I say, it’s me and nothing but me. It’s me and this what is it is. The gamble of emotions lost to the dice of solicits. Here I am an apparent painting of an penniless artist”

“Now that I stand here, I see, apart from the separation, I see what I stand for. Invariable with the decibel on what it says of me, I stand here with a multiple visions of what I can make a difference to. A life more precious than its self realization, more worthy than its own worthiness, more worthy than its own acclaim. I sense the justification that hovers around the reality. A smile, not that it comes naturally, but a smile which may recall of the right actions in the coming years. Loss is something which I’m accustomed to, but a gain in perpetual is what I know. Ever wondered how it feels to be in the sleepy hollow?

I start my story, unreliable to what it is sought after.

I do, strongly feel for the one, only succumbing to the reality that what one is for what is not seen for.

Ahem, call me the solitude of being an essence; I face you for your acclaim,

I stand your will, to look for what you will. Just a suggestion, know what it is, for I may be beyond what you will.


Ahaan? Get into reality. See what you don’t see. I am here living those for what you don’t see.

Psst: for those who claim to know me - alas, see something beyond what you perceive; I stand alive with flesh and bone.

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