Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Parallel Living - Counting yet another day

Feeling of being handicapped to move your mind to a different perspective is very hard. But like the veterans of the human race put it - time will heal all.

Just that nobody knows how long the time will take to heal, if at all.

For now, the mind is occupied with desires of evacuating ‘me’ from the lonesome walk, hand to hold on to the destiny, assuring one’s presence in the toughest tides. All in the mind but with no sign posts in the near vicinity.

It’s easy to build a hope in the mind, to build a castle in the air; but the feeling of the crumbling castles with the trembling hope is like a feeling of confining oneself into the sphere of vacuum, taking away the very breath of life.

No – I am still not hopelessly lost in what I write as above - but there is many a time when things don’t seem fitting in to the big picture. That’s when it’s the best time to go on a conversation with your own mind – as it should take over from the heart at denial.

No – I am still not a sailor who’s got no hope of finding the land. It’s just that whenever the wind blows your direction, it always seems like blowing from the direction of the one whom you want to be with. And when the wind touches your soiled sweaty face, that’s when you realize the coldness of the wind – blowing from the land of the one so close to you but still miles away from you.

And heck No – I am not under blessed by God. It’s just that I am still passing through the time, so called by the veterans of the human race, which too shall pass.

As the wise old man says “when it comes to certain emotions - there’s always something’s at your denial and yet nothing at your disposal”

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Pranjal said...

Living parallel lives too, huh?!