Saturday, December 15, 2007



Bingo!!! Bingo!!!

What more can I ask for? There’s everything, from the materialistic aspects to the yearning needs of a human psyche.


What is in abundance of invisibility is my aspect of living a fulfilled life.

Not materialistic, not camouflage of emotions … simple pleasures that are derived off anything but normalcy.

I hit the bed hoping for a peaceful night, and I wake up to the daylight with a tiresome look. Is that all? We close our eyes to a tiring day and are expected to wake up to a new beginning with a fresh and energetic vision. Alas, how many are those who envision this very aspect. And how many are those who follow me on the same tread path.

All I need is an embrace of living,
A need of belongingness,
A desire of being felt,
A capturer of my feelings,
A rupture of my emotions,
A lap to succumb my night to,
A hug to make me feel alive,
A kiss to make me feel wanted,
A life where I am known for what I am off,

I see a couple by the alley, with torn clothes, and stomach craved in for another day’s survival. But still, I see them exhibiting their affection with least botheration. As if they were unaffected of their surroundings and all they cared was for a life living with those moments of belongingness.

I’d trade my every part of materialistic aspects for that moment.

I’d swap my position to wear their torn clothes and feel their moment of being with each other.

It’s not the clothes that dictate our living, nor our lifestyle; I perceive the living to be, as a matter of fact, the feeling of happiness with another soul, who is supposedly a traveler from the planet of Venus.

Life is a game. And it’s a painting where one finds the grass is always greener on the other side. It’s a gamble where one is put at the stake of losing his ways of living for another way of feeling the pleasure. It’s up to him how he embraces the dictated.

For now, I don’t have any qualms of embracing that part of life where I see the grass is greener. What I need is a soul to whom I can weep my sorrows to, with whom I can hug my feelings with, with whom where I can sleep my worries on….

I need a soul who makes me feel wanted…. For, from then on, I can truly show that part of me where I can be totally felt the way I perceive of her.

I waited enough; show me your face, for I cannot live my life with your silhouette.

I waited enough,
Show me of your presence,
I longed for you more than my breath,
Show me your presence.


Viny said...

she came and you let her go

Dimple said...

That was soo well put...gud going man..!!!

Pranjal said...

How true - LIVING...

Happy New Year!